ECO-5 is a graduate student conference bringing together presenters from five universities on the East Coast; that is, Harvard, MIT, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the University of Connecticut, and the University of Maryland.

In the past years, ECO-5 has evolved from a syntax student conference to a conference open to other fields of study. Since there are other student conferences that specifically focus on phonology and semantics, we hope to keep ECO-5 as a predominantly syntax conference, but presentations from the other subfields of linguistics are also welcome. Those interested in the interfaces with syntax (syntax-phonology, syntax-semantics, etc.) especially so.

In the past there has usually been 2-3 presenters from each school. ECO-5 is a great chance for younger graduate students (first and second years) to get presentation experience before they are accepted to strong peer reviewed conferences  – but, that said, students at any point of their graduate career are obviously most welcome to participate.

Whether you have a tentative idea about an interesting data point you want to bring forward or would like a chance to give a practice talk before a bigger conference, you should consider presenting at ECO-5.

More than that – ECO-5 is also a fun and informal way to get to know your peers from other institutions. Both friendships and collaborations have been fostered this way in the past.

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